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Renewable Energy Will Provide Discount to Thousands

NBC Palm Springs

By Sophia Miraglio “Poor families are going to receive hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year because of this. If we as human beings don’t think mother nature isn’t going to bite back because what we have done, then we are living in a false reality and we need to wake up. and this project is one way to wake us up and says there is a bright beautiful future that we can have,” said former congressman Joseph Kennedy II. Imperial Irrigation District and Citizens Energy Corporation just completed the largest low-income solar project in the country, bringing politicians from both sides of the aisle together.” “It’s nice to see what went on the drawing board and what we talked about in Sacramento become reality. and i think the country is going to learn a lot about what were innovating ad doing out here today,” said Senator Jeff Stone. There are more than 100,000 solar panels like this out here in Calipatria. It will generate 30MW of power and serve over 12,000 customers. ”It just helps you know when each month you look at your income and you think am I going to make it this month. I just want to say thank you to everybody,” said low-income customer Pauline Price Low income customers in Imperial and Coachella Valleys will start seeing the savings this October. “Anyone enrolled in IID Low Income Assistance Program will be automatically enrolled,” said Antonio Ortega. Senator Jeff Stone said this solar project aligns with California’s steep goals on renewable energy. “By 2045 we are suppose to be 100-percent on alternative energy. We have solar energy, wind energy, thermal energy. We set the stage for what the rest of the country is going to do,” said Stone.

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