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Nonprofit, LNG co. Team Up

Boston Herald by Jay Fitzgerald Joe Kennedy’s Citizens Energy Corp. is teaming up with Distrigas of Massachusetts to provide natural gas to needy residents facing escalating home-heating costs. Distrigas, owner of the giant liquefied natural gas facility in Everett, has donate $250,000 to Kennedy’s non-profit organization and committed to providing $1 million a year to help Citizens’ efforts to provide low-cost energy to low-income and elderly residents. Kennedy, appearing at a press conference in Everett, said Distrigas was being a “good neighbor” by donating. “We wanted to give back to the community,” said Rick Grant, chief executive of Distrigas. Distrigas’ LNG tanker shipments through Boston Harbor have become a source of controversy due to security fears. Joe Murphy, 88, a World War II veteran whose home was used as a backdrop for the news conference, thanked Kennedy and Grant for their assistance. IN a statement, Murphy said it’s become tougher for him and others to pay heating bills due to skyrocketing energy prices. About a third of all homes in New England are heated with natural gas, Grant said. Citizens has worked for years to get low-price heating oil to needy homeowners, and yesterday’s announcement was portrayed as a significant foray into the natural gas field by Citizens.

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