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New Solar Farm Activated at Former Westfield Landfill

News 22 WWLP By Adam Strzempko and Anthony Fay

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With the ceremonial flipping of a switch, western Massachusetts’ newest solar farm was brought into full operation Thursday morning. Former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II joined Westfield Mayor Daniel Knapik for the ceremony at the new 2.5 megawatt solar array, located at the former Twiss Street landfill. The new solar array was built in partnership with Kennedy’s Citizens Energy group, a nonprofit which is perhaps best known for providing heating assistance to needy families. The power from the facility is being sold to Westfield Gas & Electric for its thousands of customers in the city. Knapik praised the solar array, saying that in addition to the clean energy benefits, it will provide the city with lease revenues and payments in lieu of taxes. Citizens Energy will now be responsible for maintaining a cap on the former landfill.

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