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College Going Green To Save Green BOSTON - A local college is going green to save green. NewsCenter 5’s David Brown reported that Pine Manor students are leading the way in energy savings. You could call Annesah Cameron and Wislende Cherefant campus crusaders for the reduction of carbon. The students are calculating the college’s carbon footprint. They are part of an environmental movement on campus that not only saves energy, but is also saving the small but diverse liberal arts college a lot of money. “When one person does it, it becomes a movement and more people can follow behind. I think it’s a really good thing, and as far as the earth, I think it’s helping the earth a lot because we all know what’s going on,” Cameron said. “Even taking small steps as an individual or as a college, you can make a contribution to the planet, which is our ultimate common good,” Pine Manor President Gloria Nemerowicz said. The small steps started last year when Pine Manor College tapped Joe Kennedy and Citizens Energy to help them with energy savings. Rising energy costs were hurting the school’s ability to provide scholarships to the student body. With the help of Citizens Energy, the 500 students embarked on an aggressive energy conservation campaign. “Universities themselves are trying to save costs. The one place where you can do this and save literally tens of thousands of dollars is in your energy use,” Kennedy said. Low-flow faucets and shower heads were installed and the buildings’ mechanics were upgraded. By spending less than $1 million, the college is saving $350,000 a year.

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