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Founder, Chairman & President

Joseph P. Kennedy II founded Citizens Energy in 1979 and over the next seven years built up successful ventures in the oil, natural gas, electricity trading, energy conservation and mail-order pharmaceutical industries. Each subsidiary produced profits used to make life’s basic needs more affordable for the poor. The eldest son of the late U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, Joe left the company in 1986 to represent the 8th District of Massachusetts in Congress. During his 12-year tenure on Capitol Hill he authored landmark legislation that used the levers of private enterprise to deliver social and economic benefits to millions of Americans, from fair lending laws to tax credits to stimulate affordable housing development.  He was a champion of human rights, social justice, humanitarian aid and democracy in Northern Ireland, Haiti and Armenia. After returning to the helm of Citizens Energy in 1999, Kennedy expanded the company’s oil heat program, launched a major health-care company and started ventures in the wind, solar, battery storage, microgrid and high-voltage transmission industries.

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